Thursday, August 1, 2013

Strategy Analytics: Android claimed nearly 80 percent of Q2 smartphone share

Strategy Analytics Android represents nearly 80 percent of phones shipped in Q2
Multiple analyst groups recently gave us a look at second quarter smartphone market share by the manufacturer. Today, Strategy Analytics is breaking down that market share by platform -- and it's clear that Google is still on a roll. Android jumped 10 points year-over-year to reach almost 80 percent of the world smartphone market during the spring quarter, hitting a record high. Some of this rise came at the expense of Apple, which dipped three points, but most of the casualties were in the "others" category led by BlackBerry and Nokia's soon-to-vanish Symbian. Microsoft can claim a small victory, though. Windows Phone climbed slightly to 3.9 percent of the market in Q2, giving it a level of influence not seen in three years. While we're not necessarily looking at the new status quo for the smartphone industry, it's clear that the days of neck and neck competition are behind us.