Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who really wins in IT?

Finally, the winner will grab the trophy.

Winning depends on your attitude, time, tricks and a little bit of luck. Winning is not studying and passing an examination, but Winning is studying and applying the same. Winning is not coding and executing, but Winning is coding and solving the problem.

I always want to win, so I always think how I can win.

My first point is, when you try to solve a problem, and if u fail, there are three ways in front of you; either give up or give it another try or try the same in another method. Giving up is very easy and the worst is that you have failed there. Second is to try again, this is better, but chance of failure is 80%
, because you have already failed once. Still I say, Failures are stepping stones to success. Last is to try another method, yes here chance of passing or failing is 50%-50%.

Attitude of changing tricks till finding a solution won’t always make champions, luck is a factor, luck will act only if you create a stage to perform. Bringing in right solution at right time will create a champion. An example is Flipkart, before Flipkart, there were many online shopping sites, but still right entry with Cash on delivery option at right time has led them to success.

Another point is diversifying; If you win the market with a product and if all the future products you develop is the same or kind of similar products, then it is not the right thing to do. Every time market won’t be favorable for you. Take the case of mobile manufacturing companies, earlier Nokia owned the mobile market, but they lacked in new technology, then Samsung came with a new OS - Android, and now Samsung owns the market, but as market again changes, almost all manufactures started using Android in their mobiles, then we came to know that Samsung phones lack quality in their products wherein Motorola and Lumia are doing good. So market is again changing. For holding our head straight in market you need to diversify. You should try investing in some other trade, should put effort in other R&D and should bring new business ideas and products in market. If Samsung fails in making phones, they have other options to stand.

What we will innovate? A good question from my colleague! I look into his eyes for few seconds and remember about my KPI. Tomorrow I have to post two solutions and he has to find an innovative product idea. I feel pity on him. Last time I was the one who had to find an idea. And what I did was; wait till last day of submission and on the last day before leaving office, I searched on the internet and numerous websites. But i couldn't find any innovative idea. So what to do next?? I asked my colleague sitting next to me… “Do you have any idea?” He then smiled like hell. Then I asked my girlfriend. “Could you help me find an idea?”. What she told was; “Hey you genius! Are you short of innovative idea, you are a genius right? Why are you asking others for idea??!!.  I thought you have a lot of ideas stocked in your mind. I told her yes I have lots of ideas, smiled like a SUPERMAN and started thinking again like a FOOL.

Then I started thinking in a different way! What all are the events that happened today, I evaluated each event and checked if I could execute that event easier and better than I did it today.  If I found any solution I would check if there is any such facility already available or not. If no facility was available, then i think about feasibility of doing that as a project. If it was feasible, I proceed and cooked up some concepts and build a POC.

After you have finished with a product, there comes another real world to use them; to make them use, we should market them. Marketing also need innovation.


An innovative idea with great attitude, time, tricks and a little bit of lucks will award you a Champion’s title.